• Libelium installation, including 1 Meshlium Xtreme, 2 Waspmotes, 2 XBee 2 Gas sensor Boards and Environmental sensors
  • Parrot FlowerPower
  • LoRa installation including a concentrator and 2 nodes
  • Z Wave infrastructure, including Razberry Controller, MCO Home sensor, 2 Z-Wave weather stations, Vera home controller, multisensors (temperature, humidity, motios, light, movement, vibrations)
  • SAMSUNG Smarthings controllers
  • TelcoServ Panthora Remote Monitoring System (NMS RMMS)
  • Development Boards including Intel Galileo (I), Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Zero W, and Arduino UNO
  • Estimote Proximity Beacons
  • Crownstone Smart Home AC/DC Switches

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